Girls, Smartphones & the Internet

A podcast about living and learning in the age of screentime. Welcome to Episode 20 of Season Two: Girls, Smartphones & the Internet.

This episode is part of a research project from the Screentime Research Group.

Big questions: What do girls experience and how can parents support their learning about devices and the Internet?

Special Guest

Ian and Kristen are joined by Elizabeth Stevens, a professor at Roberts Wesleyan College and the mother of 8 and 11-year-old girls. She is a member of the Screentime Research Group and is investigating how to talk to children about issues of privacy, security, and algorithms.

What we’re reading: 

Rodríguez-de-Dios, I., van Oosten, J. M., & Igartua, J. J. (2018). A study of the relationship between parental mediation and adolescents’ digital skills, online risks and online opportunities. Computers in Human Behavior, 82, 186-198.

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Price-Dennis, D. “Developing curriculum to support Black girls’ literacies in digital spaces.” English Education 48, no. 4 (2016): 337-361.

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Ian O'Byrne

Dr. W. Ian O’Byrne is a educator, researcher, & speaker. His work centers on teaching, learning, and technology. He investigates the literacy practices of individuals as they read, write, and communicate in online & hybrid spaces.

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