Co-Constructing Digital Futures

Several members of the Screentime Research Group have been conducting research on the challenges and opportunities that exist as children grow up in an world that is increasingly dictated by algorithms.

This research is being conducted in response to this call for papers from the MIT Media Lab and the UC Irvine Connected Learning Lab.

What are we exploring?

Our proposal for inclusion in the themed issue was submitted and approved. Our research focuses on the following questions:

  • How can parents help their children to understand the challenges and opportunities in these trends/forces/tensions?
  • How can parents help children to be more reflective about the activities in which they engage?

We are exploring these questions through dual perspectives: those of parents (literacy researchers) and youth (our children). As such, we’ve been interviewing our children and trying to identify the best practices to use as we help prepare them to be thoughtful, perhaps skeptical, users of tools and spaces.

When this publication is made available online, we’ll share the link here.

Data Points

Until that point, we’ll use this space to pull together the supplemental blog posts, podcasts, and audio interviews we’ve collected, and are sharing openly as part of this research.

For More Info

For more questions, or to reach out to the research team, please contact us at

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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Ian O'Byrne

Dr. W. Ian O’Byrne is a educator, researcher, & speaker. His work centers on teaching, learning, and technology. He investigates the literacy practices of individuals as they read, write, and communicate in online & hybrid spaces.

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