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Conversations about screentime in education, medicine, & mass media focus predominantly on the time youth spend on devices but often overlook fundamentally important questions about what youth are learning by using digital devices, with whom, and for what purposes.

These conversations are often hard to understand, and leave out important members in the discussion. These include parents, educators, and children.

This website seeks to explore & (re)define the definition of screentime, to connect it with digital literacy skills & dispositions, and to explore complex, dynamic, creative digital learning as antidote to the atrophy we all fear.

This space is created and maintained by two individuals that are parents, educators, and researchers. Our goal is to create a space to inform all three of these groups, and allow for robust discussion.

On this site you’ll find a weekly blog that shares tips, news updates, and important ideas. You’ll also have an opportunity to voice your opinion and get involved in the discussion with others.

The discussion for this project is held in Flipgrid. Flipgrid is an online discussion platform that allows you to communicate and share with others. You should join the conversation in the topics section.

Thanks in advance. 🙂