What is Real Reading?

A podcast about living and learning in the age of screentime. Welcome to Episode #4. What is real reading?

Moments from our lives: Ian shares his struggle to be a digital annotator, and Kristen suggests that her daughter extend her book reading to include other, digital texts.

What we’re reading:

Clinton, V. (2019). Reading from paper compared to screens: A systematic review and meta‐analysis.  Journal of Research in Reading.



Big questions: What is real reading?  Kristen and Ian discuss reading in a digital age and the difference in reading in print and on-screens.

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Ian O'Byrne

Dr. W. Ian O’Byrne is a educator, researcher, & speaker. His work centers on teaching, learning, and technology. He investigates the literacy practices of individuals as they read, write, and communicate in online & hybrid spaces.

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