Pointers for parents as you support your child online

The Parenting for a Digital Future blog is a wonderful resource that shares research and pointers on how to help children negotiate current (and future) digital spaces. The site is managed by a great team of scholars from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

A recent post by Peter Twining on the blog shares actionable advice on how to support youth as they engage in, and prepare for future use of technology.

My favorite guidance from the post shares guidance on helping youth negotiate screentime and the development of advanced digital skills they’ll need in their lives.

  • Start young
  • Model appropriate use of digital technology
  • Agree on family rules about digital technology use
  • Provide your child with access to digital technology, ideally that they have ownership of
  • Talk openly with your child about using digital technology
  • Help your child link up with trusted others who have shared interests
  • Recognize and value the learning that will inevitably happen as your child engages with digital technology

Please review the full source at the blog post, or the original text originally published on the The Open University News website.


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