People say they care about privacy but they continue to buy devices that can spy on them

A new smart device survey by Consumers International and the Internet Society highlights the challenges as we live with our devices in an age of screentime.

Despite the fact that companies like GoogleFacebook, and Amazon have repeatedly jeopardized our trust by tracking or sharing data they weren’t supposed to, we let them back into our homes via smart devices.

The survey indicates that some 63 percent of people find connected devices to be “creepy,” and 75 percent don’t trust the way their data is shared by those devices, according to a survey of people in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.

Even with these concerns, nearly 70% of survey takers said they own one or more connected device, which include smart home appliances, fitness monitors, and gaming consoles.

For the study, smart or connected devices were defined broadly as everyday products and devices that can connect to the internet using wifi or Bluetooth. Mobile phones, tablets, and computers weren’t included.

SOURCE: Recode

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