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Big tech has your kid’s data

A new report highlights the way big tech companies collect data on children. This recent study focuses on the “datafication” of children and its possible consequences suggests these posts may be more problematic than we think.

The report titled “Who Knows What About Me,” examines how big tech collects data on children and what the potential dangers can be.

One of the big culprits is labeled as “sharenting.” This refers to parents willingly giving away their children’s information, like name and date of birth. Those Facebook birth announcements may be posted with innocent intentions, but they can come with serious privacy and security consequences. 

What does this mean their futures?

Adults have the privilege of making decisions about what they share (and do not share) on social networks. By sharing everything online, we’re taking those decisions away from children. 

Educate yourselves about the terms of use for these digital tools and spaces. Think twice about sharing those pictures and information about children.

Read this post from Vox for more insight.

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