10 Digital Tips for Modern Day Parents

Great post from Troy Hunt for the celebration of Safer Internet Day 2020.

Troy talks about sharenting, BYOD and how to have dialogue with your children as they use digital tools and spaces.

The “ten digital tips for modern day parents are”:

  • Privacy is personal
  • Parents Set the Boundaries, Not Kids
  • Use Social Privacy Controls Liberally
  • Assume That Everything You Share is Public
  • Admin Rights are not for Children
  • Native Digital Parental Controls are Free and Easy
  • Your Children are (Probably) Smarter Than You
  • Digital Parental Controls Are Not a Substitute for Actual Parenting
  • It’s Not about Screen Time, it’s about What They Do on the Screen
  • Technology is a Joyous Thing to be Shared with Your Kids

Please be sure to read the full post…and reach out to Troy online.

SOURCE: https://www.troyhunt.com/sharenting-byod-and-kids-online-10-digital-tips-for-modern-day-parents/

Photo by Thomas Kolnowski on Unsplash

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